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STEM Teachers Rewards and Empowerment Foundation

The STEM Teachers Reward and Empowerment Foundation (STREF) was founded in the year 2020 in Kano State Nigeria by Love Odion (Mrs.), a Graduate of Social Studies Education from the University of Benin, Edo state Nigeria.

What started as a desire to organize awards for Teachers having observed there existed no form of Awards Ceremony organized yearly for them, evolved into becoming an NGO specially designed to reach, impact, motivate and enlighten Teachers on STEM and other capacity building opportunities for Teachers.

Aims & Objectives Of STREF
The Aims and Objectives of STREF are as follows;

  1. To identify, recognize and reward outstanding Teachers in Nigeria and around the world.
  2. To debunk the notion of a Teachers reward being in heaven by advocating for better standard of living, improved terms of service and an effective rewards system for Teachers.
  3. To Carry out Projects and Initiatives geared towards impacting the lives of teachers beyond their performance in the classroom.
  4. Secure full/part STEM Certification Scholarships for Teachers in Nigeria and around the world.
  5. Organizing frequent Teacher Training Workshops for improved teaching methods and delivery.
  6. To encourage innovation and dynamic problem solving in Teachers.
  7. To give STEM Certification scholarship supports to Teachers.
  8. To organize frequent Leadership and Capacity Building Trainings/Conferences for Teachers.
  9. Initiate trainings and execute projects geared towards Teacher Entrepreneurial Development (TED).
  10. To organize regular projects purposefully and intentionally designed to reach out to Teachers.

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STEM stands for STEAM Education which is a new approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in an applied and interdisciplinary approach. (STEM and STEAM refer to the same thing).

We are using our platform as an avenue to also promote STEAM Education among our Nigerian Teachers, Enlightening them thoroughly on STEAM Education and positioning them to take advantage of the many benefits it presents.



We held the 1st edition of the STEM Teachers Award and Gala on the 15th December 2020 when we realized that at the end of every year several Awards Event/Programs are organized for different sectors and groups in the society but not one was done for Teachers, we saw that to be an anomaly knowing the huge role and importance of Teachers in our society, We made the move and secured the permission of the State ministry of Education and organized the very first Teachers Award in Kano that year. At least 70 Schools participated, 10 most Outstanding Teachers were awarded with over 500 people in attendance at the Awards event. We used the occasion to recognize, honor and award outstanding Teachers in the state and also as an avenue to reach out to Teachers with relief items knowing they were the hardest hit by the global pandemic. It was a remarkable success, the schools, stakeholders and teachers appreciated the initiative.

Aims & Objectives OF STEM Teachers Award and Gala (STAG)

The STAG is a yearly event with the aim to

  1. Recognize and celebrate outstanding Teachers in STEM in Kano.
  2. Create an avenue to give back to Teachers and motivate them.
  3. Create an event Teachers can look forward to yearly.
  4. Create a platform for teachers to be entertained and network with others.
  5. Create a platform for teachers to be entertained and network with others.
  6. Serve as an avenue to improve Education generally in Nigeria.

We are very open to collaborating with other governmental, non-governmental, private and public companies, groups and individuals on projects and initiatives geared towards reaching and impacting Teachers.